About Travis

I’m Travis King, and I want to show you how to

Achieve Financial Freedom with Land Flipping

I am a believer, a husband, a Dad and an Entrepreneur. I help people achieve their dream of financial freedom with land investing!

Together, my wife Becca and I have personally completed hundreds of land flips. Our coaching and educational services for land investing have helped many others create their own highly profitable land investing ventures. I’ve completed over 1,000 one-on-one coaching calls, run an amazing community of Land Bosses and lead a high level Mastermind for Land Investors.

In The Beginning...
I grew up in rural Montana, in a blue collar working-class family. After barely graduating from high school, I attended college briefly, but without much direction, I left college and started working as a contractor. My work took me all over the western United States. Even when I was working twelve hours a day, six and seven days a week, I never gave up on the strong belief that someday I would be a successful entrepreneur. Even with the crazy work schedule I made time for side hustles, from mystery shopping to flipping cars, campers, mobile homes and houses. Although these side hustles scratched the entrepreneurial itch momentarily, none of them went anywhere. I needed something that would move the needle in my life and change my trajectory..
And Then...
I continued chasing shiny object after shiny object in search of the perfect side hustle that could help free me from a long future ahead of grinding at an unfulfilling job.
My Breakthrough…
I was listening to a real estate investing podcast called Bigger Pockets on my commute to work and heard an episode about land flipping. I was intrigued because I had familiarity with house investing and landlording but the idea of land flipping sounded like it came with less hassle and more profits. Although I was a little skeptical that this land flipping opportunity sounded too good to be true, I decided to learn everything I could about this untapped goldmine of land flipping. Unfortunately as I was learning everything there is to learn about land, I found myself stuck in the paralysis by analysis stage, telling myself if I just knew a little more I would be ready. After several months of researching my wife said "stop talking about it and do it, I support you and we’re in this together." That nudge and that support was all I needed to start taking action and jump into this land flipping opportunity with both feet.
But Then...
I was quickly buried under a pile of spreadsheets, drowning in leads from direct mail marketing campaigns, without any way to keep it all organized. Everything seemed so manual and inefficient and I just didn’t have the time to make this all work while still working my job full time. We were only keeping our heads above water because we were both working the business together and throwing man hours at it. But with all the manual inputs, I quickly saw there was no way to scale the business as-is. I had an avalanche of evidence that this land flipping business model had tremendous opportunity but I needed a method, a system, to really realize its full potential and in order to scale it up.
My wife Becca and I started working "On" the business, instead of "In" the business and we concentrated on developing and building our own efficient systems and processes as well as seeking out the most powerful, modern software that could support a land flipping business at scale. Once we nailed down our systems it was time to scale up the business and we were soon experiencing more success than I had ever imagined. We soon found it was costing us money for me to stay at my job so I honored my long awaited dream of quitting my job to become a full time entrepreneur. Today, my wife and I enjoy financial freedom. We’re free of money worries, living in a sunny state in a beautiful home, vacation when we want, where we want and are paying it forward by making a tremendous and transformational impact on others helping them attain their dreams of financial freedom.
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What I Believe

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I don’t have a magic wand or any special talents or abilities that set me apart from others. It’s easy to think that my results can’t be duplicated because of some quality I alone possess, but that’s simply not true. Land investing is a very real opportunity, and when you learn the specific strategies and techniques I teach, you have the potential for tremendous financial success. Look, you don’t have to design a fancy app or be the next silicon valley startup to be an entrepreneur, sometimes the best business models are borrowed. What I am sharing with you is an opportunity to copy/paste my success to live the life of your dreams! If I can do it, So can you!

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