Pete Christianson

“What Travis taught me will make us millions. It has already made us $10,600 on our first deal. What you learn with Travis will give you the right foundation to be successful in land investing. Don’t mess around. Hire this guy and learn from his years of experience. Worth every penny!”


Pete was a rockstar house wholesaler then the pandemic happened and sent home prices soaring up and the big companies (the ibuyers) started buying up all the houses, Zillow, Opendoor, Offerpad, all of these WeBuyUgly house copycats came in and really saturated an already competitive market. This meant Pete went from doing 30+ house flipping deals per year to only doing 2 in 9-10 months. He was in search of a new asset class and land allowed him to continue as a real estate investor but just pivot to building his empire in land which is less volatile than houses and really an overlooked, less competitive asset class.


Pete made $32,000 on his second land deal and today he does large acreage ranch deals in Texas and has established himself as a heavy-hitter land investor.

Matt Claeys

“Travis training is incredible for being able to find properties. It is the best and most straightforward training I have encountered in the land business. Using his methods, I did a deal where I profited $100,147 without using any of my own money! Travis is a trustworthy educator and is amazing at teaching you how to find great deals and I highly recommend his training.”


Matt had actually been through another land course and even paid for some very high priced coaching but unfortunately found himself 6+ months into his land flipping journey and all he had to show for it was expenses and uncertainty that comes with making a large investment and not having any results to show for it. I took this as a personal challenge to course correct Matt and get him doing deals and also reset his mindset and help him soar towards financial freedom.


Matt made $11,300 on his first deal, partnering with me on it and putting no money into the deal. Matt then went on to net $25,000 on an assignment deal. He then went on a tear and completed 2 subdivide projects that will bring him $70,000 plus profit and most recently is my proudest accomplishment of his, where he made $100,147 on a single property flip (all without using his own money).

Johnny Forgione

“Travis helped me take a 14-acre lot that had a market value of around $108k, and by subdividing it into 5 different sized lots, we forced an additional $122K of appreciation, bringing total profits of the deal north of $147,00! At the risk of sounding cliché, it really wasn’t hard either. By using a surveyor, land consultant and realtor, most of the work was already being taken care of.”


Johnny is 42 years old and lives in Montreal, Canada and runs a gym. His gym business was solid but with the covid pandemic and mandates it greatly impacted his gym business and he had already dipped his toe into land before the pandemic hit but it really created a sense of urgency to build a profitable business that could serve as a safety net if he needed it. Johnny had been through some other training and even had coaches but before he found my training he had not done any deals.


Within 2 months of my training he bought 7 properties and is on an absolute tear. Johnny is an action taker and using my strategies and has made over $100,000 this year flipping land part time. He is closing his gym business but it is not a negative thing, he was working 6 days a week as a gym owner and now he will be focusing on growing his land business. Very likely working half the hours and making 2 or 3x the income.

Ajay Sharma

“Travis basically lays out exactly how to do everything from scouting a new area to sending out a mailer. I followed the instructions on the first mailer I sent out. I closed a deal that I made $12,000 on. It was pretty easy after that to see there’s a clear ROI in working with Travis. Travis opened my eyes to subdividing and I actually recently just got a property on the market with over a $100,000 spread. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do it if it wasn’t for Travis. So I just, I can’t thank Travis enough for all the help he’s given me in growing my business! Anyone that is considering working with Travis, I would highly recommend it. I mean, you just can’t lose and you have so much to gain.”


Ajay is 24 years old and less than 2 years out of college. He was working a corporate job and using his knowledge of Innovation and Technology to solve business pain points for global corporations but he had an entrepreneurial yearning and wanted to build his own empire not somebody elses.


Ajay’s part-time land flipping business was going so well that he quit his corporate job, went full time and actually has 2 remote employees working for him. The Sky is the limit for this wonderkid!

Josh Chasse

“Innovative, Enthusiastic, Committed! Travis has a fantastic approach to planning and goal setting, and he provides data driven, realistic expectations for the business. I’ve also appreciated all of the extra time he’s taken to talk through questions to ensure I’m on track. I love our plan for the year, we’re already on target with the properties we’ve sold and the others in our pipeline! Working with him is a great investment!!”


Josh lives in San Diego with his wife and little girls, played college baseball and although he has a 6 figure salary, he wanted to put that Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship to use as a real estate investor. Josh had all the tools necessary to be successful but hadn’t found traction yet after going through another land flipping course. He performed a quick course correction and now has a blueprint for not just the next quarter but his next year.


Very happy to report that Josh has a thriving land flipping business with 2 remote employees and has built himself a true business that is still experiencing hockey stick growth! I am happy to have played a role in Josh’s success and we still are in touch and frequently partner on deals together.

Jason Larson

“Being a newer investor, I did not have the funds available to take down this larger deal I had under contract. Travis’ and his company Freedom Land Capital stepped in and funded the whole deal for me which ended up netting me $55,010.73 in profits!”


Jason had been through another land flipping course that focused on smaller deals and he stumbled upon my training program and after going through it he pivoted from focusing on smaller deals with price points below $10k to much higher value properties and he hit a home run on the first deal we partnered with him on.


Jason received 2 months notice that his company is outsourcing his position to India and although this creates uncertainty for Jason it also creates a sense of urgency for Jason to ramp up his land business. Thankfully he netted close to a salary on one land deal and has plenty of safety net and runway to scale his land business to new heights. He is currently working with me doing 1-1 coaching to build out a thriving land business that will more than replace his W-2 income.

Buck Rizvi

“Hi, Buck Rizvi here. I recently graduated from Travis King’s land flipping mastery course, and I must say I am incredibly impressed. I have been involved in land investing for the last 14, 15 months. I’ve had good success, but Travis really opened my eyes to what’s possible by focusing on much bigger transactions and much more profit per transaction, rather than duking it out over table scraps, selling much smaller parcels. I feel that the training that I received will have at least a 10X ROI on what I paid, which for me, in my business, based on where I am, is going to mean millions of dollars in additional profit for my business. I highly recommend Travis King, if you’re considering his land flipping mastery course.”


Buck has been an entrepreneur in the e-commerce space for well over a decade and he was looking to start another business and found land. Being a successful entrepreneur Buck knew the best investment you can make is in yourself and I am grateful he chose me as an educator and our community to be a part of.


Buck and I talk monthly as he saw the value in doing 1-1 coaching with me. His investment with himself have paid off big as Buck continues to scale his company and has successfully outsourced parts of his business and built out his team. Buck has a high six figure business and I am confident within the next 1-2 years he will crack the 7 figure mark with his land business.

Stacey Richardson

“My name is Stacey Richardson and over the last year I have participated in Travis King’s Land Flipping Mastery and 1:1 coaching and I wholeheartedly give my highest recommendation to any training he provides. I have paid for two other land investor trainings and though the first one got me into the game, there is honestly no comparison between the training that Travis provides and the other trainers I have been involved with. With Travis there is no fluff, no filler, no artificial colors or flavors! 100% of the time spent with Travis is focused on well-developed, well-presented, battle tested, land investing training. I am happy to speak to speak with anyone that has specific questions, you can reach me at Stacey@gatewaylandteam.com”


Stacey and Jan, his wife are partners in the land business and live in Georgia. Jan is a licensed agent and is able to be the agent on all their land listings.The foundation of their business values are built on their faith.


Stacey has been a pleasure to train and private coach 1-1 and I am confident their business will continue to flourish as they are an example of how couples can successfully be partners in a land business.

Danielle Scillia

“This is the third program I have taken and I feel like this course really offered something different. It is cutting edge and really helps you hone in on today’s market. This course helped me steer my business above and beyond the crowded space of land investors. I highly recommend Travis. He is down to earth and clearly loves to help others grow. If I had to choose a community and education – it would definitely be Land Flipping Mastery with Travis. Travis has his finger on the pulse and is always evolving with the fast moving market changes in the land space. He keeps his students ahead of the masses with fresh ways to target markets and leads, and everything in between. His education is streamlined and void of the fluff. I’m grateful to be part of his community!”


Danielle is focused on building herself a six figure side income through her land business.


Danielle lives and invests in Virginia and has really become an expert in her market and all things Virginia which includes perc tests and surveys for most rural properties. Danielle is running a hybrid business where she sells some properties cash and some on payments (creating recurring note income for herself). Danielle also has embraced the latest marketing techniques like texting and is poised to have a great year ahead. I have enjoyed getting to know Danielle and she is an active member of our community, often contributing with posts and questions.

Chad & Hailey

“We just sold our first property that we purchased, using methods through your training program, we purchased it for $20,000 and sold it for $60,0000! We sold it using Mike, the agent you introduced us to.”


Chad & Hailey work the business together and are a great example of how a family really can have it all. They have a thriving land business and a growing family and treat each other with respect and work this business as equals.


I couldn’t be happier for them and even though they have already completed lots of deals, I strongly believe their best deals and best years are ahead of them as they continue to invest in themselves and stay current in the market.

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