Best Tools & Resources for Land Investors in 2023



REI LandLeads by REI Conversion

“REI Landleads” is a WordPress website designed for Land Investors who want to efficiently automate the routing of seller leads from their Buying website directly into their CRM. REI LandLeads integrates with our recommended CRM REI Pebble.  Seller Leads will directly input their reference number from your letter into a webform on your LandLeads website and upon submission the lead is routed to your REI Pebble CRM.  We also recommend having your live call answering service utilize your LandLeads buying website by inputting callers’ information into your webform and Voila, the lead appears in your REI Pebble CRM.



REI Pebble CRM

REI Pebble is a Land Specific CRM that allows you to upload mailing lists, manage your direct mail campaigns, manage leads, acquisition and closing process all within the REI Pebble.  This is a Big 80/20 Lever for your Land Business!  Trust me on this one, I spent years seeking out a CRM that was “the right fit” for our land business and REI Pebble exceeds expectations.  With a willingness and receptiveness to take features requests from power users like myself and implement them quickly, REI Pebble has established itself as the most cutting edge CRM in the land space.




Top Earning & Top Converting Land Investors all have phone calls answered live!
PatLive provides a Live Answering Service with 100% US agents, fast answer times, professional service.
We encourage you to borrow our hack of having PatLive directly input the callers’ information into your REI LandLeads buying website and the lead will automagically be routed to your REI Pebble CRM. 




Prycd is a powerful online web application purpose built for land investors that condenses the manual processes of identifying locations to mail, pulling owner records, pricing parcels, and scrubbing data. The output is a ready to mail mailing list.  Prycd is another Big 80/20 Lever I recommend!




REGRID is an intuitive, simple yet powerful software that will essentially act as your nationwide country parcel viewer.  You will be able to quickly find any parcel by either inputting the GPS coordinates or the APN and allowing you to bounce from county to county without the frustrations of having to deal with the learning curve that a new county parcel viewer brings.  REGRID has the ability to quickly generate a ‘Parcel Link’ that will allow you to easily share said parcel with anyone.  We mainly use REGRID for quickly qualifying properties and identifying ‘Top Owners’ in each county. Incredible value with the Pro Plan being priced at $10 mo.



MapRight picks up where REGRID leaves off and provides a first-class mapping experience that comes with the ability to view topography in 3D. Mapright utilizes the most current GIS technology & data and provides an abundance of mapping layers like the following; FEMA Flood plain, Wet Lands, Contour Lines, Opportunity zones… get the point!  Layers upon layers upon layers, giving you valuable insight when qualifying properties and performing due diligence or prospecting.  MapRight also allows you to create interactive maps that can be shared with a link. MapRight’s pricing is determined by the number of users and by how many states you need access to. MapRight’s 3D view with contour lines & Wet Lands layer are priceless to me!




Text Messaging For Real Estate Professionals. Highest Converting & Fully TCPA Compliant Platform. SMS, Analytics, KPI, Skip Trace.


Done For You – Skip Tracing, Cold Calling & Text Messaging




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